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Curing system, model PCB, "seam down" version for VEAW and SBW welders


Frei AG
Hofenstrasse 18
9300 Wittenbach

Tel:  + 41 (0)71 292 34 34
Fax: + 41 (0)71 292 34 00

Curing system, PCB series for VEAW, SBW and RWDA welders ("seam down")


Gas curer for seam protection lacquers
Compact systems with high-performance burners for the integration into 3-piece can production lines for welded food cans and general line containers.




- ECO-3 gas burners with lowest NOx and CO exhaust values
- High burner capacity
- Lowest energy consumption
- Touch screen with process value display, error message ..management and integrated user manual
- Individual burner temperature regulation via touch screen to ..obtain specific temperature curves
- Setting programs for can sizes, temperatures,
..lacquer/powder types and production capacities can be
..called up at the touch screen
- Integrated protective hood and extraction system with ..suction.fan
- Run-out conveyor integrated in basic design
- All drives frequency controlled

Available as straight version in various lengths.

Can diameter range 84 mm - 330 mm
Can height range 42 mm - 600 mm
Production capacity 10 - 60 m/min


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