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Wet lacquer roller coating units, DRC series


DRC units protect welded seams of food, beverage and
aerosol cans as well as general line containers against corrosion.

- Lacquer arm with driving motor
- Automatic lacquer feed and lacquer level control unit
- Pressurized tanks for lacquer and thinner

Three versions are available:

Seam at top for smaller diameters 45 - 65 mm
52 - 65 mm
65 - 165 mm
Seam at top for larger diameters 99 - 330 mm
Seam at bottom for larger diameters 99 - 330 mm


Important note:
The DRC technique was introduced in the market years ago. In the meantime powder has become more and more important and complemented or replaced the liquid lacquer application.
Frei AG still holds a large stock of mechanical wear and spare parts. However, certain electric and electronic items are no longer available from our subcontractors. For this reason we had to replace the motors and modernize the complete control panel. The old control box can be exchanged by a modern version with more functions featuring an LCD screen with process value display.


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